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LINEAGE: Durban Poison x LA Confidential

EFFECTS: Eutrophic, Focused, Happy, Uplifted, Creative

MEDICAL USE: Pain, Stress Depression, Stress

FLAVOR: Earthy, Pine, Woody





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  1. FMS says:

    I just got some Hemlock from my local dispensary Sanctuary ATC. I am in the process of making some Coconut oil with it. I will use 14g for 1 cup of coconut oil. The Herb will be Decarb at 240 degrees for 30 mins. Then added to the crock pot on low for about 8-10 hours. I am making my night time sleepy meds. I will update once I’ve tried it. I can tell ya though after grinding up 14gms of this my kitchen smells like a pine forest.

    Lab results from this batch.

    CBD: 0.04%, CBN: <0.03%, CBG: 0.06%, CBC: <0.03%, THC-V: 0.03%, CBD-V: 0.21%, THC: 18.90%

  2. FMS says:

    Update on the hemlock Coconut oil. I premeasure the oil when it’s hot. I measure out 1 TBSP and put in into ice cube trays. I got 15 doses. The Ice cube Tray works great to make equal doses.

    I took 1 dose around 6pm. I started to feel the effect about 1.5 hours after I took it. This provided me with great pain relief and I was Very Very Relaxed. I don’t think I made it to 9:30 before I was heading to bed. This Recipe Worked great for knocking me out. Only woke up about 3-4 time, which is good for me. I did wake up a little fuzzy. That’s what I need to sleep. I have learned to deal with the pain during the day. But at night is where chronic pain drives me nuts. This is a Strong Recipe, if you are new to edibles, start out with ½ dose.


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